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Roselle Fresh Fruit Syrup

Harvested seasonal Roselle fruits are simmered to create a natural and unique flavor.

Premium Fruit Syrup
Casa Roselle-syrup
卡薩 | 洛神花鮮果糖漿系列

For years, Goodyoung has been offering tea raw materials and tea packaging solutions. Since 1989, we have supplied safe, high-quality Taiwanese tea to domestic and international brand companies. Rigorous food safety and production management bolster your brand’s strength.

Roselle, hailed as the “Ruby of the Plant Kingdom,” has recently become the latest trend among bubble tea shops, beverage stores, restaurant businesses, and Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverage manufacturers.

From Farm to Table

Starting from the cultivation of Roselle, picking to syrup cooking, we ensure the source of raw materials, providing genuinely high-quality Roselle fresh fruit syrup.

Freshness is
Our Exclusive Formula

In order to improve the quality, we only use fresh roselle fruits, creating a unique flavor.

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With 30+ years of Taiwanese cultivation expertise, we excel in flavor customization, large-scale production, and packaging. Providing tea leaves for both retail and wholesale.