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TRADITION | Whole Leaf Ground-Dongding Oolong Tea

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1. Fine-ground Taiwanese Dongding Oolong Tea, high quality, no additives or colorants.
2. Rich tea taste with roasted and delicate floral aromas.
3. Ideal for baking, desserts, ice cream, and milkshakes.
4. Convenient 100g packs, easy storage, no spoilage concerns.


Packaging Specifications: 100g / bag
Box Specifications: 12 bags / box

1. Tradition Dong Ding Oolong Tea Powder: Fresh Taiwanese leaves finely ground at low temperatures, preserving the authentic aroma and flavor.
2. Ultra-fine, stable quality powder. Free from artificial flavors and colorants.
3. Suitable for both baking and brewing, offering rich, high-quality tea flavor with notes of roasted aroma and subtle floral hints.
4. Ideal for various baking needs: cakes, chiffon, muffins, cookies, brownies, madeleines, scones, and puffs.
5. Also perfect for creating unique-flavored ice creams, milkshakes, and more.
6. Convenient 100g packaging, easy to use, with no concerns about clumping or degradation like larger packs.

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