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商品品名 【T世家】【台灣優質茶區】碧螺春綠茶茶包48入
商品重(容)量 2g*48包
內容物名稱(成分) 綠茶
食品添加物名稱 無
原產地(國) 台灣
保存期限 三年
製造廠商或國內負責廠商名稱 桔揚股份有限公司
製造廠商或國內負責廠商地址 新北市237三峽區溪東路31號
製造廠商或國內負責廠商電話 0800-000-671
食品業者登錄字號 H123778072-00002-3
投保產品責任險字號 明台產物保險股份有限公司0104PDT00188


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Brand: Tradition

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GOOD YOUNG’s exquisite tea caddies, showcasing the essence and flavor of tea, captivate with their elegant packaging. Carefully selected tea leaves offer an exceptional sensory experience with their exquisite taste and aroma. Each caddy embodies the traditional value and cultural significance of tea. Whether as a gift or for personal indulgence, GOOD YOUNG’s tea caddies are your ultimate choice. Choose GOOD YOUNG and savor the taste of fine tea.
Brand: Tradition

ITI Superior Taste Award

The ITI “Superior Taste Award,” known as the “Michelin Guide of the Food Industry,” has been continuously awarded to GOOD YOUNG since 2020. Seven of our exceptional teas have received high acclaim from internationally renowned Michelin-star chefs, tea experts, and sommeliers. This prestigious recognition solidifies our position as a three-star Michelin-rated brand in the food industry.
Brand: Tradition

Traceability Verification of Production

Quality guaranteed, traceable origins. GOOD YOUNG’s “Tradition” tea with traceable production and sales history ensures the selection of top-tier tea from Taiwan’s finest tea regions. Each tea leaf undergoes strict controls and inspections. Through our comprehensive traceability system, we provide consumers with transparent production processes, ensuring safety and quality. With integrity and responsibility, we earn your trust in choosing our tea products.
Brand: Tradition

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