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商品品名 【布穀鳥】即沖即食香芋巧達濃湯17gx3包
商品重(容)量 17gx3包
內容物名稱(成分) 奶精(葡萄糖漿、完全氫化棕櫚仁油、乾酪素鈉、磷酸氫二鉀、脂肪酸甘油酯、二氧化矽)、芋頭粉、羥丙基磷酸二澱粉、糖、食鹽、L-麩酸鈉、關華豆膠、全脂奶粉、馬鈴薯粉、複方香料(麥芽糊精、香料、酵母抽出物、葵花油、食鹽、D-木糖、完全氫化棕櫚油、二氧化矽、葡萄糖、中鏈三酸甘油酯)、洋蔥粉、香芹粉、黑胡椒粉、香菇粉、阿拉伯膠、5’- 次黃嘌呤核磷酸二鈉、5’- 鳥嘌呤核磷酸二鈉、乾燥香菜、豆蔻粉、白胡椒粉。)
原產地(國) 台灣
保存期限 18個月
製造廠商或國內負責廠商名稱 桔揚股份有限公司
製造廠商或國內負責廠商地址 新北市237三峽區溪東路31號
製造廠商或國內負責廠商電話 0800-000-671
食品業者登錄字號 H123778072-00002-3
投保產品責任險字號 明台產物保險股份有限公司0104PDT00188


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Using natural freeze-dried and ground ingredients (authorized by TRES, COA), conveniently packed for easy portability and brewing. Each serving has less than 99 calories, offering a delightful replenishment on-the-go.
Brand: CASA

Explore-Origin Exquisite Coffee (Peru)

Explore the world’s largest organic coffee-producing country – Peru, with its single-origin coffees grown in pristine ecological environments. The high-altitude climate of the Andes Mountains gives birth to a perennial champion at international COA competitions, offering a range of exceptional Geisha coffees with distinctive flavors.
Brand: CASA

Estate-Grown Coffee Series

Embark on a journey through the finest coffee origins worldwide, selecting only G1/SHG grade coffee beans for their exceptional quality and diverse flavors. Expertly roasted by SCA-certified roasters using professional equipment imported from Germany, ensuring the freshest taste. Experience the pinnacle of single-origin coffees and savor the flavors of the world.
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Classic Selected Blend Coffee Series

Good Young brings you the perfect blend with expert selection. Indulge in the masterfully crafted specialty flavors, carefully curated by SCA-certified cuppers and skilled roasters. Immerse yourself in the delightful moments of coffee perfection anytime.
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Authentic Japanese Matcha Powder

GOOD YOUNG presents you with our finest and authentic Japanese Matcha powder, sourced from premium regions in Shizuoka and Kagoshima, Japan. We rigorously select and import the original powder to ensure its quality and flavor. Each spoonful of Matcha powder carries a rich aroma and a creamy texture, allowing you to indulge in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony experience. Whether you’re making Matcha lattes, Matcha cakes, or Matcha ice cream, our Matcha powder will deliver a unique and delightful taste, showcasing GOOD YOUNG’s utmost quality.
Brand: Tradition

Catering Loose Tea Series

GOOD YOUNG’s Catering Loose Leaf Tea is dedicated to providing high quality and diverse selection for catering businesses. We prioritize convenience and freshness, ensuring exceptional taste and quality in every brew.
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Teapot Brewing Tea Bags(Home-size and No Need Filter)

Designed specifically for brewing in teapots of 500cc or larger, our dedicated wireless teabags can be steeped three times, offering convenience, speed, and affordability. Whether for personal or commercial use, they cater to your needs perfectly.
Brand: Tradition

Cold Brew Tea Bags Series

GOOD YOUNG presents our convenient and quick Cold Brew Tea Bag series. We carefully select premium tea leaves and employ special packaging techniques to ensure optimal expansion, resulting in a refreshing and delightful taste. Indulge in the authentic tea aroma and natural flavors. Whether you’re in the office, enjoying outdoor activities, or traveling, “Tradition” Cold Brew Tea Bags are your ideal choice, becoming your refreshing companion in life.
Brand: Tradition

Premium Tea Caddy Series

GOOD YOUNG’s exquisite tea caddies, showcasing the essence and flavor of tea, captivate with their elegant packaging. Carefully selected tea leaves offer an exceptional sensory experience with their exquisite taste and aroma. Each caddy embodies the traditional value and cultural significance of tea. Whether as a gift or for personal indulgence, GOOD YOUNG’s tea caddies are your ultimate choice. Choose GOOD YOUNG and savor the taste of fine tea.
Brand: Tradition

ITI Superior Taste Award

The ITI “Superior Taste Award,” known as the “Michelin Guide of the Food Industry,” has been continuously awarded to GOOD YOUNG since 2020. Seven of our exceptional teas have received high acclaim from internationally renowned Michelin-star chefs, tea experts, and sommeliers. This prestigious recognition solidifies our position as a three-star Michelin-rated brand in the food industry.
Brand: Tradition

Traceability Verification of Production

Quality guaranteed, traceable origins. GOOD YOUNG’s “Tradition” tea with traceable production and sales history ensures the selection of top-tier tea from Taiwan’s finest tea regions. Each tea leaf undergoes strict controls and inspections. Through our comprehensive traceability system, we provide consumers with transparent production processes, ensuring safety and quality. With integrity and responsibility, we earn your trust in choosing our tea products.
Brand: Tradition

Premium Tea Regions in Taiwan

GOOD YOUNG is dedicated to curating Taiwan’s finest tea regions. Indulge in a selection of exquisite teas, including Sanxia Biluochun, Alishan High Mountain Tea, Honey Fragrant Black Tea, and Formosa Red Tea. Experience the unique flavors and rich cultural heritage of Taiwanese tea. Our small aluminum foil tea bags are designed to preserve the aromatic essence of Taiwan’s teas, ensuring each sip pays tribute to the utmost quality of the tea leaves.
Brand: Tradition

Dual Organic Certification from Taiwan and USDA

GOOD YOUNG presents its Organic Tea Collection. With dual organic certifications from Taiwan and the United States, our teas boast a brilliant amber hue, derived from pristine mountain tea plantations. Experience the natural purity and refreshing taste with each sip, accompanied by a lingering sweetness. Every tea bag undergoes rigorous organic verification, adhering to both the USDA organic standards and Taiwan’s Tse-Xin Organic Corporation Certification, ensuring an authentic organic tea indulgence for your enjoyment.
Brand: Tradition

Whole-Leaf Tea Bag Series

GOOD YOUNG presents its premium loose-leaf tea bags designed for discerning individuals like yourself. Crafted with non-toxic material imported from Japan, these triangular-shaped tea bags ensure optimal expansion of tea leaves, allowing for a richer infusion of aroma and flavor. With their high-temperature resistance and prolonged steeping capabilities, these tea bags guarantee the preservation of tea quality and taste. Choose from a variety of flavors including Fresh Green Tea, Dong Ding Oolong, Fragrant Orange Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, and Genmaicha, and indulge in the diverse and delightful world of tea flavors.
Brand: Tradition

Classic Tea Bag Series

Simple moments of joy, extraordinary of classic tea! GOOD YOUNG’s “Tradition” brand offers the beloved “National Tea Bags” that generations of Taiwanese are familiar with. The nostalgic packaging exudes rich tea aroma, taking you back to the familiar and delightful flavors. Whether at home or in the office, indulge in the simplicity and convenience, allowing you to savor the delicate tea fragrance anytime.