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Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum | New Travel Attractions


臺灣客家茶文化館 – Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum

Breaking the stereotype of a cultural museum and giving you a different new imagination, “Taiwan Hakka Tea Cultural Museum” is located next to the Plateau Interchange on National Highway No. 3 in Longtan District
, an award-winning landmark building in a tea garden, is planned to take “Hakka Tea Culture” and “Tea Industry History” as the main exhibition themes, and features innovative tea catering and six-nation teahouses to experience the tea drinking culture of various countries, creating a romantic scene on Taiwan’s tea road. A must-see highlight on the Route 3 (Taisan Line).

Indulge Tea and Cuisines. Come and stay when you have time!

6-Nation Tea Travel. Cultural tour. Lectures. DIY. Speciality cuisine. New tea drinks. Workshop. Seminar. Weekend market. Food truck.


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