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Tradtion and Casa : Good Young’s Innovative Beverages Making a Global Impression.


Trade Insight Biweekly ( ) Issue #613 – Written by Hu Biying

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Taiwanese people have a deep love for tea. Whether at work or during leisure times, many habitually brew a cup of hot tea to alleviate life’s stresses. But did you know? Your simple act of brewing tea can immensely support Taiwan’s tea farmers. Taiwan’s annual tea consumption stands at a staggering 45,000 tons, but domestic tea production only reaches about 15,000 tons. Furthermore, about half of this output needs to be exported. To address the imbalance in tea supply, Good Young has collaborated with tea farmers, establishing a “contract farming” system. This aids farmers in tea cultivation and marketing. Not only does it guarantee consumers a consistent quality of Taiwanese tea, but it also genuinely supports the livelihood of small-scale farmers.


In the past, Taiwan was renowned as a major tea exporter. The Council of Agriculture even rated Taiwanese tea as one of the four flagship export products due to its internationally recognized quality and flavor. However, with market liberalization, approximately 30,000 tons of tea flood the domestic market annually. This has severely impacted the local tea industry, adversely affecting the livelihoods of small tea farmers.


To remedy the challenges faced by the Taiwanese tea industry, Good Young, the nation’s most extensive comprehensive beverage ingredient supplier, has initiated contract farming with tea cultivators. This approach involves a collaborative agreement between Good Young and tea farmers, focusing on joint efforts in tea


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