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Good Young Honored with the “National Brand Yushan Award” as the Outstanding Enterprise, Achieving the National Grand Prize.


Good Young’s relentless commitment to Taiwan’s tea industry and its dedicated care for Taiwanese tea farmers have garnered acknowledgment from judges across the industrial, governmental, and academic sectors. As a testament to these endeavors, Good Young was chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding Enterprise National Grand Prize at the 16th National Brand Yushan Award ceremony. The awards presentation took place on November 11th in the year 108 of the Republic of China calendar, with Vice President Chen Jian-Ren personally bestowing the award upon Mr. Zhou Wen-Yu, the General Manager of Good Young.


The “National Brand Yushan Award” is designed to motivate Taiwanese enterprises to ardently work towards enhancing the national brand image, honoring the most competitive and outstanding enterprises. The award recognizes businesses that deeply embody Taiwanese cultural essence, encouraging them to prioritize service quality, research, development, and innovation. Such initiatives not only promote the robust growth of Taiwan’s industries and strengthen brand power but also leverage the might of national branding to boost corporate development and heighten Taiwan’s global recognition.

As the most authoritative and credible accolade in the country, the “National Brand Yushan Award” brings together experts from industrial, governmental, and academic circles for its judging panel. A meticulous and impartial assessment evaluates facets like R&D, design, quality, marketing, management, industry development, employment opportunities, and contributions to the public welfare, selecting the most competitive standout enterprises.

Good Young has been unwavering in its efforts to rejuvenate Taiwan’s tea industry, reshaping it with innovative approaches. Through adopting contract farming practices, the company safeguards Taiwanese tea farmers, fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ensuring the quality and safety of the tea. This creates a win-win scenario for tea farmers, the industry, the enterprise, and customers, propelling all towards collective prosperity. Promoting Taiwanese tea globally under the motto “Let the World See Taiwanese Tea” is a responsibility Good Young embraces with pride. We are deeply grateful for the recognition by the professional judges of the National Brand Yushan Award and remain committed to continuously striving for the betterment of Taiwan’s tea industry and its farmers.



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