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Food Taipei 2023 – A Successful Conclusion: GOOD YOUNG Thanks You for Your Support


During these challenging times of the pandemic, GOOD YOUNG has walked alongside you. Now, we are ready to embrace the new atmosphere in the post-pandemic era with you. At this exhibition, we were particularly honored to share our repeated accolade of the ITI Superior Taste Award with a three-star distinction. We introduced you to our newest flavoring additions, including roselle, pearls, nata de coco, syrups, and our unique tea and herbs from Taiwan which are the only ones to receive the “International Rainforest Certification”. We also showcased premium coffee from the purest environments in Peru. A significant development is the inclusion of our production base in Vietnam, strengthening our global supply chain and robustly supporting your global business ventures. We are committed to innovation, enabling you to lead the trends in the beverage industry!

Your participation and unwavering support made the exhibition a resounding success. We hope this event provided an opportunity for meaningful exchanges. We believe that GOOD YOUNG, with its top-tier Taiwanese products and internationally-acclaimed services, can assist you in forging a golden business venture.


To our esteemed guests and friends, our sales team is actively following up on the details and requirements you have provided during the exhibition. If there are any urgent inquiries or if you find our services lacking in any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our dedicated staff will be on hand to assist you. Once again, thank you for your trust and support.




Taiwan's most comprehensive beverage ingredient producer.

With 30+ years of Taiwanese cultivation expertise, we excel in flavor customization, large-scale production, and packaging. Providing tea leaves for both retail and wholesale.