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“Small Tea Bag, Mighty Impact” — Good Young’s “Tradition” Collaborates with Local Farmers, Delivering Authentic Taiwanese Tea Straight to Your Hands


Taiwan’s tea is the soul of the island. The fresh dew, gentle sunlight, and fertile soil come together to create lush tea gardens. For many Taiwanese, each cup of hot tea is a taste of home; it’s not just a refreshing beverage but a healing balm for the soul. Brewing a cup of Taiwanese tea feels like embracing the land, immersing oneself in its warmth and the emotions it imparts.


While we relish each fragrant sip, have we ever stopped to reflect on the hard work and dedication that goes into it? Many tea farmers toil silently in the tea gardens, ensuring we can enjoy these exquisite moments. Good Young has witnessed this dedication and is deeply committed to bridging the gap between these tea farmers and consumers.


Good Young has always been at the forefront of promoting “Contract Farming” and “Rainforest Certification”, ensuring that consumers not only receive fresh, quality Taiwanese tea but also the assurance of safety and health. By directly collaborating and entering into contracts with tea farmers, we guarantee strict adherence to food safety standards in the production process and demonstrate a deep care for the land and the livelihoods of these farmers.


Despite the local love for tea, Taiwan’s consumption annually far exceeds its production, with a significant portion designated for overseas exports. Confronted with these challenges, Good Young doesn’t just boost the income of local tea farmers but actively promotes domestic tea consumption, allowing more to experience the genuine taste of Taiwanese tea. This isn’t just a mission; it’s an expression of Good Young’s love and commitment to this island.


This venture transcends mere business. It’s about perpetuating a rich cultural heritage. Let’s come together to support Taiwan’s tea farmers and pass on this profound tea culture, ensuring every tea enthusiast savors the sweet and rich flavors of authentic Taiwanese tea.


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