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OEM/ODM Products

As a brand ambassador,
you understand the significance of products for these.

Goodyoung's professional team invites you to collaborate on product development

With a team of over 50 professionals, we offer flavor development, cost control,and manufacturing capabilities to become your partner
in expanding markets and realizing product visions.

Step 01

Initiate Contact for Requirements

Understand and provide planning directions based on client needs.

Step 02

Selection of Raw Materials

Options include instant coffee, instant tea powder, or client-supplied materials.

※For client-supplied materials, machine testing to evaluate capacity is required, with a pre-production test taking approximately 7-14 days.

Step 03

Cup Design Settings

After choosing the MiniCup color and printing mode, provide the design file and arrange for a sample.

※ Sample production takes 14-21 days after the design submission.

Step 04

Outer Box Design Settings

Set the packaging style and box quantity for the MiniCup according to the distribution channel characteristics, and arrange for a sample.

※ Sample production takes 7-14 days after the design submission.

Step 05

Quotation and Contract Signing

Confirm contract manufacturing quotation, order details, and payment methods.

Step 06

Order Production

→ Standard packaging production and assembly

※ approximately 21-28 working days.

→ Customized packaging production and assembly

※ approximately 35-40 working days.

Step 07

Quality Inspection

Quality control personnel conduct various product inspections. Third-party notarization and certification can also be arranged.

※ Takes about 7 working days, depending on the inspection items.

Step 08

Order Delivery

Delivery to a specified location

※ Domestic delivery takes about 3-5 days.

Exclusive in Taiwan

Automated Packaging Production System

We adhere to international food safety standards to ensure the highest quality.

✓ ISO 22000

✓  FSC 22000 


A Variety of Flavors to Choose From

We provide a selection of the most repurchased market ingredients, saving you valuable market research and flavor development time.

Instant Coffee
Arabica / Robusta / Light Roast / Medium Roast / Dark Roast

Retain the concentrated flavor of coffee through spray drying, and enjoy it easily
anytime and anywhere with just the
addition of water and stirring.

Instant Tea Powder
Black Tea / Green Tea / Oolong Tea / Fruit-Flavored

The tea powder is of uniform texture and stable flavor, with a high dilution ratio that saves time, effort, and provides peace of mind.

Kombucha Tea Powder
Mixed Berries

Based on tea and further fermented, it acquires a taste similar to fruit vinegar and is a popular choice for health-conscious consumers

Design Your Cup

Eager to add your ideas? Test our implementation skills.

Packaging Plans

With over 30 years of OEM experience, we can create brand packaging tailored to your overall budget.

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Taiwan's most comprehensive beverage ingredient producer.

With 30+ years of Taiwanese cultivation expertise, we excel in flavor customization, large-scale production, and packaging. Providing tea leaves for both retail and wholesale.