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✽ Common Questions about Food Safety

We strictly regulate the use of pesticides and their schedules for contract farming and our own cultivated tea gardens to ensure the safety of the tea leaves. After the leaves are processed, they are immediately sent to a third-party unit for inspection, and only after passing the test can they be brought in. For all purchased raw materials, each batch must be accompanied by product inspection reports before being accepted, establishing a clear and traceable process to ensure the safety of all ingredients.
Yes, it is safe to consume. Through a series of foreign matter removal, microbial control, and third-party inspections, we have the confidence to ensure that every cup of tea delivered to you is safe and reliable. If you are concerned about fine dust particles during the processing, we recommend a brief steeping before consumption. The first brew contains many nutrients, and with each subsequent brewing, the amount extracted will decrease. As for pesticide residue, most pesticides used are liposoluble, which means they are hardly soluble in water. Products that pass inspections have residue levels far below safe intake levels, so you can use our products with peace of mind.
According to the current regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Food and Drug Administration, there are currently no specific limits set for heavy metals in tea leaves in our country.
Before packaging, all tea products undergo high-temperature heating to ensure their moisture content is below 6%, preventing microbial growth. Additionally, the packaging undergoes water immersion and destruction testing before mass production to ensure the seal strength meets the standards, eliminating the need for desiccants. If you notice any packaging damage, please do not purchase it for your safety. After opening, it is recommended to use the tea promptly or store it in a sealed, light-resistant container to maintain its optimal flavor.

✽ Common Questions about Raw Materials

“For products with multiple ingredients, they are listed in descending order based on their respective proportions. If the raw materials come from different countries, the country of origin is indicated after each ingredient. For example: Tea (Taiwan), Jasmine (Vietnam), to help consumers identify the sources. In the case of products imported from other countries and substantially processed in Taiwan (such as baking, cutting, blending), the country of origin is uniformly labeled as Taiwan.”
For all tea imported into Taiwan, strict inspections are conducted before entering the country to ensure safety. Since 2004, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration has been inspecting Vietnamese tea imports batch by batch, providing absolute peace of mind regarding safety. Moreover, the tea plantations in Vietnam (mainly in the southern region, formerly a recreational area for US military personnel) do not overlap with the areas where defoliants (Agent Orange) were sprayed, so there is no issue of defoliant residues.
GOOD YOUNG has been deeply rooted in the domestic food and beverage market for many years, offering well-known and highly accepted national products such as Jasmine Green Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, and Dong Ding Oolong Tea. With continuous expansion, we have gradually collected Taiwan’s top ten famous teas and devoted efforts to enhance product quality, leading to recognition with ITI Superior Taste Award in recent years. Our product range covers common types in the market, including black, green, oolong, and herbal teas.
We offer a one-stop production service, including private labeling and OEM production with customer-supplied materials. The MOQ for each service varies, allowing us to provide tailored solutions. Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information and inquiries.
Currently, for 100% Taiwan-produced tea, in line with the policies and promotion of the Council of Agriculture, starting from the year 2023, all qualified Taiwan tea products will be labeled with a traceable QR code on the outer packaging for easy identification by consumers.

✽ Common Questions about OEM Manufacturing

Melisun is a key manufacturing partner of GOOD YOUNG. To enhance production efficiency and quality control, both companies have specialized manufacturing roles: Melisun primarily produces powdered, topping, and liquid products, while GOOD YOUNG focuses on tea and coffee products.

✽ Common Questions about Packaging Solutions

Currently, the envelope packaging for tea bags is mainly within the range of 5cm-10cm in width (unfolded width 10cm-20cm); for drip coffee bags, the primary specifications are 9cm and 10cm in width. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to inquire via email.
Sure. Please feel free to contact us, and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

✽ Common Questions about Product Ordering

We have an official online store. You are welcome to visit to make purchases. Alternatively, you can call our toll-free line at 0800-000-671, and our dedicated team will be at your service.
For channels such as restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses, specific product specifications apply. Some items are custom-made and not available for retail. If you have a demand, please inquire with the respective channel partners. We also offer bulk purchasing options for certain products, with a minimum order quantity per item. For more details, you can contact our toll-free line at 0800-000-671.
Prices may differ due to varying themed promotions and different promotional combinations in each channel. For the latest offers and promotions, we recommend following our brand “Tradition” and “CASA” on Facebook at and CASA Coffee’s fan page at
Certainly! If you have such a request, you can contact our relevant personnel and pick up the products at our Daxi factory or Longtan HQ, which can help save on shipping costs and time.

✽ Common Questions about Food Processing

“Q: What is “”blending”” and does it mean mixing low-quality tea with high-quality tea? A: “”Blending”” is a crucial tea processing step in the commercial tea industry. As tea is an agricultural product, factors like harvest time, region, and daily weather during processing can lead to flavor variations even with the same processing method. To ensure consistency, after each batch of raw tea is processed, they are blended and mixed thoroughly, followed by roasting, to achieve a more uniform flavor profile. The purpose is to enhance and standardize the overall flavor quality of the tea batch, providing customers with consistently high-quality products. Each blended batch of tea is then compared to the standard sample to ensure its quality before entering the final packaging phase. This process is distinct from the practice of mixing teas to deceive customers, which is not employed by reputable manufacturers like us.”

✽ Other Frequently Asked Questions

Our coffee beans are graded based on the SCAA Agtron number, which represents the degree of caramelization during roasting. Roasts with Agtron numbers between 70 and 60 are considered light-medium, 60-50 are medium, 50-40 are medium-dark, and 40-30 are dark. We suggest using this data as a reference for your selection. However, even with the same roast level, flavor variations can occur due to differences in bean varieties and grind coarseness.
Coffee beans naturally contain oil content, especially in medium-dark and dark roasts where the beans expand significantly, making the oils more visible on the surface. This is a normal phenomenon. Additionally, different coffee beans from various regions may exhibit varying degrees of oiliness, with Asian beans generally showing more noticeable oiliness compared to African beans. Therefore, judging the freshness of the beans based on oiliness is not accurate. We recommend referring to the production date indicated on the product packaging for freshness assessment.


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