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GOOD YOUNG has 8 Key Advantages
Being a Comprehensive Food and Beverage Ingredients Group.

GOOD YOUNG Group, a comprehensive supplier of food and beverage ingredients, originated from the tea industry. Our expertise spans from seedling cultivation, planting, harvesting, tea processing, packaging, topping production, menu development, and store setup guidance, to engaging in education, preserving tea culture, and participating in the tourism industry.


Advantage in Deeply Cultivating and Managing the Origin

GOOD YOUNG, with years of dedication in various tea-growing regions in Taiwan, possesses extensive experience and a precise understanding of the unique advantages and characteristics of each area. Combining international certifications and large-scale collaborations, we have become a leading professional manufacturer in the domestic market. Expanding our services, we have established fifteen production bases worldwide to achieve greater specialization and provide exceptional product quality.

GOOD YOUNG obtained the Rainforest Alliance Certification for tea gardens in 2015. It is the first and only large-scale production manufacturer in Taiwan to achieve this certification. The certification ensures comprehensive protection that encompasses environmental sustainability, social fairness, and economic viability, aiming for the co-prosperity of the industry and ecology.

Taiwan Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea Gardens

GOOD YOUNG's contract farming tea gardens have the largest total area in Taiwan. In addition to securing the livelihoods of tea farmers, it allows for precise control over the planting, cultivation, and harvesting processes, ensuring quality and effective management of the tea's origin. This guarantees a plentiful and reliable source of high-quality raw materials.

The largest contract farming tea garden in Taiwan.(Total area)

GOOD YOUNG has implemented a production and sales traceability system since 2012, providing a more transparent and convenient food tracking system. This allows consumers and farmers to establish an effective connection, enhancing product confidence and safety management awareness.

The first tea factory with a production and sales traceability system in Taiwan

We cultivate various herbs such as mint, perilla, fish mint, sweet leaf, and Thai lemon leaves. Through elevated cultivation and the use of microcomputer-controlled technology in our greenhouse, we ensure the quality of herbal raw materials. Additionally, we have a large outdoor herb farm where crops like mint can be mass-produced.

The first edible herb farm in Taiwan

Good Young has 15 production bases around the world, strives to secure a competitive, diverse, and stable supply of raw materials. We aim to fulfill a comprehensive range of food ingredient service requirements. As your trusted business partner, we guarantee international-level quality.

The 15 production bases around the world


Advantage in Manufacturing Excellence

GOOD YOUNG, a comprehensive one-stop production service, ensures quality control throughout the entire process, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and quality testing. This saves you time and effort in coordinating various aspects, allowing for more efficient fulfillment of your needs.

Furthermore, GOOD YOUNG possesses state-of-the-art production equipment from around the world and collaborates with industry-leading technology licensors. We are dedicated to obtaining international production standard certifications, enabling you to produce high-quality, diverse, and competitive products.

GOOD YOUNG introduce the latest production equipment from various countries, covering every aspect from manufacturing to packaging. This not only allows for a wider range of product choices but also satisfies your diverse requirements, establishing reliable quality, flavor, production capacity, and efficiency. It helps you create a top-notch international competitiveness and stand out from the competition.

Cutting-edge technology from around the world

From seedlings to harvesting, from rough processing to final production, our integrated production system ensures strict control at every step, avoiding hidden potential contamination risks. GOOD YOUNG also guarantee that the appearance, quality, packaging, flavor, and quantity of the products meet customer standards. Our one-stop management significantly reduces your communication costs, allowing you to focus more on building brand reputation and creating a strong presence.

The most comprehensive process management in the industry, from origin to finished product

GOOD YOUNG possesses diverse packaging production equipment and mature technical expertise to meet your product blueprint accurately, catering to the application needs of the end market. This ensures that high-quality products seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Packaging production equipment that meets all needs

GOOD YOUNG became the first professional tea factory in Taiwan to acquire Japanese green tea technology in 2014, establishing itself as an industry-leading manufacturer. In 2019, we took the lead in introducing Japan's ride-on tea harvesting machines, significantly improving harvesting efficiency and enabling us to grasp the optimal golden harvest period to maintain superior tea leaf quality.

Taiwan-Japan technological cooperation


Advantage in Quality Assurance

With exceptional technology and risk management capabilities, GOOD YOUNG ensures the quality, flavor, safety, and traceability of our products through comprehensive checkpoints and stringent inspections. We eliminate the presence of harmful substances and prevent variations, guaranteeing the integrity and reliability of our products.

GOOD YOUNG operates an independent laboratory to monitor food safety-related parameters such as microbiology, moisture content, and residual oxygen levels. We also conduct flavor change analysis under various storage conditions. This guarantees that all our products, from the moment they leave our factory to reaching your hands, maintain reliable and excellent quality.

Food safety management capabilities

GOOD YOUNG establishes control points for various risk processes and conducts regular audits and monitoring to predict and track abnormal improvements. This ensures a more stable product quality, delivery schedule, and production capacity.

Self-Inspection ability

With a comprehensive sample preservation database, GOOD YOUNG accurately capture the performance of each batch of products in terms of flavor, aroma, color, and more. Coupled with traceable production process data records, we can conduct better quality tracking, analysis, and optimization to ensure that all products meet your requirements.

Rigorous flavor quality management standards

In 2017, GOOD YOUNG established a professional tea garden management and plant conservation team. Through the introduction of off-ground seedling cultivation to isolate soil microbial contamination, optimization of management efficiency through aerial spraying techniques, and the use of ride-on tea harvesters to enhance raw material quality, we practice the advantages of scientific management.

Professional planting management team

A standardized approach is implemented for pesticide application on contracted farmland, and a real-time communication network is established to promptly respond to regulatory adjustments by the Council of Agriculture. This ensures consistency in information flow among policy-making, manufacturing, and cultivation, maintaining compliance throughout the process.

Contracting farming system coordinated management


Advantage in Raw Material Control

The extensive, abundant, and diverse capability in controlling raw materials enables GOOD YOUNG to provide you with a stable supply chain, reduce production risks, maintain excellent flavor performance, and meet your cost requirements. Furthermore, it allows us to create unique product flavors or profiles, generating a competitive advantage through differentiation in the market.

GOOD YOUNG offers a comprehensive product line that includes tea, coffee, various ground tea powders, instant tea powders, creamers, beverage toppings (such as tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, etc.), fruit jams, fruit juices, and other food and beverage ingredients. With mature production lines and efficient warehousing capabilities, we maintain a stable supply of raw materials, providing reliable solutions for the catering industry.

Largest Scope of Product & Service in the industry

GOOD YOUNG delves deep into various raw material production areas, establishing a tailored raw material supply chain. By shortening processing and transportation time, we maintain the freshness of the ingredients, effectively enhancing product flavor performance.

Direct sourcing from origin for freshness control

Through measures such as bulk purchasing, independent large-scale production, and logistics management, GOOD YOUNG achieve cost optimization. This helps you maintain a competitive edge in market fluctuations, expand market share, and improve overall business efficiency and sustainability.

Cost optimization capability


Advantage in Flavor Development

With a team of professionals holding international certifications and a comprehensive recipe database, GOOD YOUNG can swiftly respond to market feedback and adjust flavor proportions to achieve the optimal balance. We provide the best solutions in terms of cost, origin, specifications, and more. Our strong innovation capabilities enable us to assist you in creating unique and exclusive recipes, helping you maintain a competitive advantage.

With a dedicated beverage development department, GOOD YOUNG has accumulated decades of flavor blending experience. We maintain a traceable recipe database, enabling precise control over the flavor performance of various products. This helps you find the ideal golden ratio for your desired taste.

Comprehensive and systematic recipe database

With over 100 companies and various institutional units designating us as their partner, GOOD YOUNG possesses extensive experience and innovative capabilities. We stay ahead of industry trends and fluctuations, enabling us to create tailored products that meet your specific needs. Our flavor solutions combine uniqueness and alignment with market preferences.

Preferred partner of leading brands

Our professional flavor control team holds international certifications such as SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) Q Grader, along with certifications from the Tea Research & Extension Station (TRES) for tea sensory evaluation. This ensures that every product achieves the perfect balance of deliciousness.

International-level flavor control certifications


Advantage in Channel Collaboration

GOOD YOUNG’s service advantage lies in its extensive network of distribution channels and diverse product portfolio. We excel in planning cost-effective production schedules to meet various needs, while also finding products that perfectly cater to the demands of your target customer base, ultimately enhancing market acceptance.

GOOD YOUNG provide bulk raw material sourcing for soft drinks, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, and on-the-go drinks. With a focus on stable flavor profiles and reliable supply, we ensure exceptional products that seamlessly integrate into people's daily lives.

Beverage Factory

Our products are widely distributed across major hypermarket and supermarket chains, seamlessly integrated into people's lives. The mature and stable flavor quality, coupled with a variety of flavor choices, has garnered recognition and preference in the market.


With a wide range of flavor choices, whether for bulk brewing or made-to-order preferences, GOOD YOUNG offers mature and comprehensive solutions. We also provide various toppings and juice options to effortlessly create a myriad of flavors.

Beverage Shop

GOOD YOUNG is designated partners for leading hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfast establishments. We offer customizable products with distinct corporate identities. Our high-quality flavor profiles leave a lasting impression on guests, complementing your exceptional service.

Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Resorts)

GOOD YOUNG's expertise in precision cutting processes and packaging technology accelerates the release of tea soup flavors, ensuring consistent service quality every minute. We are committed to delivering high-quality and ideal beverages within a short timeframe.

Fast Food Chains

With complete processing and formulation capabilities for powdered products, GOOD YOUNG precisely captures the flavors and characteristics of various powdered ingredients. Whether it's grinding whole leaves, freeze-drying, spray-drying, or three-in-one blending, we are the top choice for the baking and dessert industry, turning your baking dreams into reality.

Bakery Factory

Stable flavor performance and standardized specifications enable us to create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for golden flavor consistency. Coupled with premium packaging materials adaptable to various brewing conditions, you can easily recreate great flavors anytime, anywhere.

Breakfast/Coffee Shop Headquarters

GOOD YOUNG products are distributed across regions including the USA, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. We maintain a reliable supply chain, resource integration capabilities, and adhere to international inspection standards, ensuring your competitiveness in overseas markets.

International Export Markets

GOOD YOUNG provides complete solutions to meet consumer demands for freshly brewed, diverse, and consistently flavorful drinks. We assist our business partners in catering precisely to consumer pain points, securing a competitive advantage in the market.

Convenience Stores

We provide inflight beverage services, offering stable quality and diverse flavor options. With GOOD YOUNG, every journey guarantees a consistent and enriching high-quality experience.



Advantage in Team Development

GOOD YOUNG employs precise and professional division of labor, maximizing product yield and production efficiency to meet customer deadlines. We promptly adapt to market conditions, ensuring stable competitiveness and a stellar brand reputation.


2019 National Brand Yushan Award (National First Prize)
2019 Taoyuan City Government – “Agricultural Contribution Award”
2020 ITI International Taste Institute – Superior Taste Award (Three-Star Highest Honor)
2021 Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association – Best Contribution Award
2023 Consistent Recipient of ITI International Taste Institute – Superior Taste Award (Three-Star Highest Honor)

R&D Team
Education & TrainingTeam
Visual DesignTeam
Quality AssuranceTeam
InternationalProcurement Team
Manufacturing Team
R&D Team

With a team of over 50 professionals, GOOD YOUNG have extensive experience in flavor development, a keen sense of market trends, and cost control capabilities. We assist you in creating unique and customized products that enhance your market competitiveness.

Education & TrainingTeam

With years of experience in product production and flavor development, GOOD YOUNG's comprehensive training programs cover everything from basic extraction techniques to sensory evaluation and ingredient selection. We assist businesses in building standardized service teams, transcending borders with delightful flavors.

Visual DesignTeam

GOOD YOUNG dedicated visual design team ensures the coherence of your product's brand image, visual appearance, and specifications. They help you create a satisfying user experience that accurately reflects your brand and resonates with customers.

Quality AssuranceTeam

Comprised of professional quality analysts, control personnel, and assurance technicians, GOOD YOUNG's QA team establishes a systematic quality monitoring mechanism to ensure that our products meet international production standards and requirements. We possess expertise in risk prediction, enabling us to identify potential defects and issues and provide improvement recommendations.

InternationalProcurement Team

Our professional team possesses multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in international trade, logistics, market analysis, and negotiation techniques. GOOD YOUNG ensure the stability and compliance of our product supply chain with international standards and strike the optimal balance between quality and cost, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Manufacturing Team

Inheriting five generations of tea-making craftsmanship and with 30 years of manufacturing experience, GOOD YOUNG better understand and meet your needs, providing products and services that align with your requirements. Our accumulated experience and innovative production techniques enable us to adapt to market changes and challenges promptly.


Advantage in Cultural Education

In addition to continuously improving our production processes, Good Young also invests heavily in promoting industry upgrades, cultural education, and talent development. Through various courses and experiential activities, we aim to enhance public awareness and trust in the industry, further establishing a strong connection with consumers.

Good Young actively collaborates with industry, government, academia, research, and cultural organizations, covering various aspects of tea production, vessels, culture, knowledge, catering, and tourism. Our goal is to cultivate industry professionals and enhance the industry's added value. We co-organize seminars, exhibitions, and travel planning to foster industry expertise and engagement.

Promotion of Tea Industry and Culture

"In 2021, in collaboration with the Tea Research & Extension Station (TRES) under the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, we established the ""Tea Beverage Innovation Center."" In 2023, we partnered with the Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum to establish the ""Tea Sensory Evaluation Capability Certification Training Center"" and organize relevant training courses."

Education and Training Center

Taiwan's most comprehensive beverage ingredient producer.

With 30+ years of Taiwanese cultivation expertise, we excel in flavor customization, large-scale production, and packaging. Providing tea leaves for both retail and wholesale.