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About Good Young

Good Young Co., Ltd.
A leading brand in Taiwan for tea beverage ingredients and contract manufacturing.

GOOD YOUNG Group, a comprehensive supplier of food and beverage ingredients, originated from the tea industry. Our expertise spans from seedling cultivation, planting, harvesting, tea processing, packaging, topping production, menu development, and store setup guidance, to engaging in education, preserving tea culture, and participating in the tourism industry.

The Best of Taiwan, Reverberating Globally
GOOD YOUNG Co., LTD. (Taiwan) Group
Thriving in Taiwan, Conquering the World.

The founder Zhou’s family has been engaged in tea plantation, tea garden management and production and sales of tea related to Jasmine Tea, Longjing Tea and Green Tea in SanXia.
For now, we are already a multinational tea industry group across Greater China and Southeast Asia.

In addition to OEM / ODM / OBM service, providing catering industry and RTD raw material suppliers, we also has more general market brands such as Tradition and CASA.

01 Corporate Headquarters (Longtan, Taoyuan)

As a professional manufacturing facility, the Corporate Headquarters be certified with FSSC 22000, HACCP, HALAL, RFA Rainforest Alliance, Organic, and Traceability certifications. This factory expertise lies in the grading and post-processing of tea, coffee, and other related products.

02 Packing Factory(Daxi, Taoyuan)

As a professional manufacturing facility, are certified with FSSC 22000, HACCP, HALAL, RFA Rainforest Alliance, Organic, and Traceability certifications. This factory expertise lies in the grading and post-processing of tea, coffee, and other related products.

03 Catering Planning and Experience Center(Tucheng, New Taipei City)

Catering Planning and Experience Center is equipped with professional bar equipment and showcases the latest product information and displays. We also provide services for product planning, menu development, and consultation.

04 Primary Tea Factory I(Longtan, Taoyuan)

Standardized oolong tea primary processing factory, the first large-scale spherical oolong tea processing factory in northern Taiwan.

05 Primary Tea Factory II(Longtan, Taoyuan)

Standardized black tea and green tea primary processing factory.

06 Herb Farm (Longtan, Taoyuan)

We cultivate various herbs such as mint, perilla, fish mint, sweet leaf, and Thai lemon leaves. Through elevated cultivation and the use of microcomputer-controlled technology in our greenhouse, we ensure the quality of herbal raw materials. Additionally, we have a large outdoor herb farm where crops like mint can be mass-produced.

07 Primary Tea Factory I(Nantou)

The largest primary tea processing factory in Taiwan, covering an area of 8,800 square meters, equipped with a complete set of steam processing machines(Steam-Fried Green Tea) imported from Japan.

08 Primary Tea Factory II(Nantou)

Professional standard tea factory specializing in the production of Pouchong and Fragrant type Oolong tea (lightly roasted).

09 Melisun Food Raw Material Factory(Tucheng, New Taipei City)

Specializing in the manufacturing, blending, and packaging of various powdered mixes, syrups, fruit purees, creamers, tea powders, and other related products.

International Production Advantage

GOOD YOUNG, with production bases in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, provides enhanced production and transportation solutions for international clients.

We listen to your needs and offer comprehensive expertise. With international certification standards, we provide high-quality ingredients and manufacturing capabilities, making us your perfect partner.

Mastering the pulse of global dining, an international-level tea beverage supplier.

GOOD YOUNG has established 15 production bases worldwide, enabling us to stay in tune with real-time market trends. With exceptional raw material handling capabilities and a comprehensive range of offerings, we cater to diverse culinary needs. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our attainment of numerous international certifications and awards. With an experienced R&D team and a steadfast focus on production excellence, we collaborate with you to create products and services of international standards.

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